Range of services

Project management
24/7 at your service: our project managers, dedicated to your project from the first rough draft to the last dismantling step ... and beyond. Our goal: granting an absolutely perfect event that meets all of your expectations, be it technical, with regards to content, or budget-wise.


Precision is key in light, sound, conferencing and video technology.
We wll gladly be of help - just contact us for free advice.




A concise, complete, and sound technical concept is vital to an event's success. We gladly discuss with you all key factors in good time. Feel free to contact us.


Our team will go to great length to realize all of your ideas. However, creativity without planning can cause unpleasant surprises. In order to avoid this, our CAD plans get also visualized in 3D. Its advantage: an immediate clear idea on the result to be expectable - 
plus the opportunity to do further changes with very little effort! 


The perfect interplay of image, word, and sound ensures memorable presentations and a fruitful dialogue. State-of-the-art conference technology bridges the gap between the real and the virtual world, condensing all experiental elements to a perfect whole. We consider it our top priority to create an ideal connection for and between all recipients, regardless of its form being analogous, digital, or hybrid. Our goal: striving to use all facets of light, video, audio, and streaming, to achieve the utmost of perfection.

Lighting technology

Whatever you are planning - be it a very small, exclusive party, a 4,000 sqm trade fair booth, or a major public event - Cologne Hunters will provide you with an array of state-of-the-art lighting equipment. We will gladly determine together with you which technology is suitable to literally make your event appear in the perfect light. Imaginatively set light creates atmosphere on your exhibition stand, emphasizes your product's highlights and will evoke surprise and fascination.

Cologne Hunters, leading provider in the daylight sector, puts people and products right into the spotlight. Enjoy state-of-the-art, amazingly beautiful lighting sensations!


Sound equipment

The perfect sound is the result of expertise and world-class  equipment. In order to hit the right note, the acoustic room conditions are to be analyzed in advance. Cologne Hunters sound engineers can choose from a large on-stock pool of sound systems to get the perfect sound for your event. Whether at a trade fair event, a TV production, or a hybrid conference, the quality of the sound system reflects the overall event's quality level.  Cologne Hunters' professionals will ensure perfection, from lowest whisper to bombastic show finale! 

Video technology

Professional video technology is a highly visible and thus very important element of events technology. When your event is packed with towering LED walls, mega monitors and interactive multimedia touchscreens, your guests experience very closely the intensity and impact of your presentation. Excellent camera work and latest LED technology form the basis for a fascinating representation, whether in Full High Definition or 4K, online or on site, always backed by outstanding sound quality that makes your guests follow the beat. Video technology is known for its extreme speed in innovative change. Naturally, Cologne Hunters' experts always keep up to date with the latest development.


Right now, streaming is the absolutely essential means to meeting new communicative needs. The experts of Cologne Hunters can provide the necessary and highly sought-after expertise in this field. This includes all operations, be it an in-house conference call with end-to-end encryption and own web portal, managing a hybrid event with 25 guests on site and additional 250 participants connected via live stream, or executing the broadcast of a global event via satellite transmission, including OB truck and studio editing suites.

Cologne Hunters can swiftly meet and manage any of your individual requirements, including providing experienced staff (streaming operator, EB team) and/or equipment and services, such as hybrid live cameras for transmission on site/on web (video cut technology, including recording and post production), signal delivery on USB for external playback devices, provider licensing, and clarifying security standards in collaboration with the client's IT expert team.  

Special solutions

The team of Cologne Hunters loves technical challenges. We enjoy realising highly individual, very special requests - with dedication, enthusiasm, expertise and passion. Our in-house design team, with expertise in in various fields from carpenting up to IT, will come up with new, fascinating ideas and solutions. We invest all of our expertise and passion into the very idea that makes your event just perfect!


Accuracy and installation, complying with the applicable safety guidelines, are the nuts and bolts of rigging. At events, Cologne Hunters uses its own truss systems in all desired colours and TÜV-tested bodywork equipment (engines, hoists, trusses and accessories). Rigging requires the utmost in precision, so installation is carried out by certified specialist personnel, only. Without proper planning (and static proof) we would not even start loading a truck. 


The stage gets impact out of your scenery and imagination. Upon request, we gladly design for you a stunningly creative and technically perfect stage which meets all static and safety standards. When the curtain falls (even in the blink of an eye of kabuki technique), you've got the floor.

Content management

All delivered content, such as video presentation material, sound effects, music titles, images, etc. always get very carefully used, edited and archived. Cologne Hunters will make sure that required content is always ready and at your disposal. Better safe than sorry!

Individual support and services

We will be present around the clock, on site, online and offline, before, during, and after the whole event. We will be the first to enter the venue and switch on the light. We will closely monitor all equipment and technology, trouble-shoot if needed, and accompany your event along the way, until the final curtain falls. We are there for you, in person and in mind, to give you the secure feeling that everything is taken care of - always!